Our Vision is for Data Tapestry to be a hub for domain experts to work with clients to solve challenging data problems.


Provide a data platform that accommodates disparate and dynamic data. In HIPAA compliant environments.


State-of-the-art analytic tools across the full range of AI, deep learning, machine learning, and statistical techniques.


Custom web-based solutions based off client data. Automate data ingestion, analysis, and presentation.

Productivity Software

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Ambulatory Insights

Monitor payer analytics, employee and physician measures, as well as practice and financial information.

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Contract Management Application

CMS-approved entity tasked with gathering medical and/or clinical data for quality reporting.

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Industries We Serve

National Security
Entertainment & Marketing
Food Industry & Supply Chain
Legal & Law Enforcement
Social Services

Core Areas of Expertise

We expertly develop prototype and optimized production systems for analytical hardware and software. Our experience covers the development of large-scale systems for federal agencies, as well as small-to-medium scale systems for both public and commercial applications.

We specialize in the application of statistical, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing methods to develop models and discover trends from the combinations of data at any scale. Our vast experience in discovering predictor variables and data optimization allows us to offer a wide array of solutions.

Recognizing that the majority of the data in social, healthcare, and legal settings is captured as "unstructured" text, Data Tapestry has developed an extensive expertise in automated information extraction, data mining, and analysis of information stored in non-relational and textual resources (e.g. case/diagnostic notes, legal documents, and business transactions, etc.).

Our staff members have a long history of extracting valuable insights from the geo-temporal and spatial aspects of data. Applications include the impacts of changing population demographics, population exposures to environmental hazards, financial market segment spatial trends, estimates of geographic sources of localized health issues, and purchasing trends.

The insights derived from advanced analytics are most often realized in visualizations that analysts and decision makers can readily understand and communicate. We specialize in the translation of the analysis to the representation of the result in interactive visualizations and high-quality reports.

Our software engineering teams turn our analytic solutions into web-based applications residing in the cloud or in clients' environments. These applications provide custom solutions that use client data together with public and third-party data. The applications use automated data ingestion and interactive dashboards to meet client requirements.

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Companies We Serve